Traditional Analog CCTV


Analog CCTV systems have been the standard benchmark of camera systems for years until the recent introduction of IP and HD cctv cameras. It is still the most widely used type of camera system and is now more affordable than ever before due to newer technologies in the market pushing prices down.

For most residential and small business applications, analog CCTV is adequate and performs reliably. In the past analog CCTV cameras were typically 420-500TVL (television lines) which is the resolution of the camera , and defines the clarity of the picture and recordings. Recently, to keep analog CCTV in the market with newer IP and HD cctv systems, Higher resolutions of 600TVL, 700TVL(D1) and 960H are now available.

These new specifications give decent detail to recordings for identifying criminal activity for most situations. If high clarity is required, such as the number plate recognition etc, then IP or HD cctv would be the preferred system. However for a lot of installations analog CCTV suits the customers needs and budget.

Alarmtech Security has several system packages available, and all our systems use High resolution cameras and record in D1 resolution for playback. Any less and you may have recorded video that is useless as the clarity isnt good enough to identify criminals.

Any cheap 'ebay' style systems usually only have 420TVL cameras and cant record all channels in 'D1' resolution at a decent frame rate. We have installed and setup these systems supplied by customers and the end result was disapointing and the night time picture quality was useless. Many also use 'non AV' type harddrives which arent designed for constant recording that DVR's require, and fail early.Think twice before purchsing such a system and invest in a quality CCTV system.

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CCTV systems consist of a number of cameras installed around your property which are then connected to your Digital video recorder via co-ax or similar cabling. The DVR is then connected to monitors and the internet for viewing.



Remote View - Have a live video feed available on your smart phone, anytime and anywhere. Available on all of our CCTV systems.


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  • Samsung 8 channel D1 CCTV camera package.

    Top quality samsung CCTV packages with the latest technology DVR recorders and cameras.


  • Spot Monitor inside your home for constant video.

    We can install a spot monitor in your home or business so you can constantly see your property at all times.
  • 700TVL IR Bullet cameras

    High Resolution. Perfect for weatherproof outdoor requirements with night time IR(infra-red) vision.
  • 700TVL Indoor IR dome cameras

    Compact and visually appealing high resolution indoor IR dome cameras,
  • Samsung 16 Channel D1 DVR recorders

    Samsung top of the line D1 Video recorders packed full of features. Supports up to 4x HDD's.
  • Everfocus 4 channel D1 CCTV package

    Value series CCTV package full of features such as 25fps at D1 on each channel and remote view. Everfocus Quality. From $1699