What is HD CCTV?


HD cctv is the generic name used for a collection of technologies designed to offer Full-HD (1080p) over new or existing Co-ax type cables. There are currently a few technologies in the market such as HD-SDI, HD-CVI, and HD-TVI. HD-SDI was the original first technology, but is more expensive to produce. HD-TVI and HD-CVI are more cost effective and don't need the cable quality to be as good to transmit the video signals. This makes it perfect for replacing or upgrading existing systems without having to re-cable the premises. Image quality is typically over 5 times greater than Analog CCTV at 720p or 1080p HD. This Can be the best solution to converting to HD. Some HD CCTV recorders are a hybrid unit. They can take old analog cameras and new HD cameras on the same system , allowing you to keep your old cameras and add some new HD ones , or upgrade as you please. Some also allow for IP cameras to be connected.

If new cabling is required we would advise to install an IP system , as the options and video quality are superior.


• Premises with no existing CCTV system
• Premises with an existing system but with a budget to upgrade
• Premises that require high definition for identification throughout


• High Definition allows you to identify individuals throughout the premises.
• Can be easily installed on co-ax cable.
• No need to involve IT managers to install on an IT network.


• Having HD cctv cameras throughout will be more
expensive but results in better picture quality than an analog system


To use any HD cctv cameras, you will need a DVR with HD cctv inputs, as they will not work with an analog DVR. An HD cctv DVR which only has HD cctv inputs, is better for new installations, or for end users who want High Definition throughout the premises.


One of the few significant differences between analog and HD cctv is the length of cable the signal can be carried over. We recommend that the co-ax cable between the camera and DVR should not exceed 100m. It can be extended beyond this by using a signal repeater. This accessory will give you a further 100m (300ft) and in theory there is no limit on how many of these can be used. It is very important not to use too long a cable run for HD cctv equipment. Because the signal is digital, rather than gradually degrading, the picture will simply disappear altogether if the cable is too long.


HD cctv is setup the same as tradtional analog cctv. HD cctv has been designed with this in mind to allow for effortless upgrades of existing tradtional cctv systems.

Below is a diagram of how an HD-SDI CCTV system connects to cameras and other devices.



HD-SDI Vs Analog CCTV - Video quality comparison (Video courtesy of UK security systems).



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  • Samsung HD-SDI DVR systems

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  • HD-SDI IR Bullet cameras

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  • Hikvision DS-2CE56D5T-IRM 1080P HD-TVI camera

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  • Hikvision Tribrid HD-TVI Recorder

    HD-TVI recorders available in 4/8/16 channel. Also connects to analog cameras and allows for 2 IP cameras to be added. The 4 channel effectly becomes 6 channel with 4 HD-TVI and 2 IP cameras.