Wireless IP cameras solve all your installation problems. Where there is a wireless network, you can install a camera.


There are many applications for wireless IP cameras. You may be looking for a single standalone camera to have in your home, or adding new cameras in hard to reach locations on your existing camera security system.


Single wireless IP cameras are suited to someone who wants to watch a certain part of their home, but the router for the network is too far away. Perhaps you dont want to install any cables as the property is a rental and you dont want to damage the walls. All a single wireless camera needs is power. Effectively anywhere there is a power point, you can install the camera, provided your WiFi network range will reach the location.

If it is out of reach, you can normally install a WiFi repeater or fit a larger antenna onto your wireless router.

Standalone cameras can come in basic 640x480 resolution for basic remote viewing, or in 720 or 1080p. Some also come with infrared night vision and an SD card slot so video can be stored directly onto the camera.

See the below diagram for a standalone camera setup.


You may already have an existing Network camera installation with wired cameras, or be looking for a completely wireless installation with an NVR recorder to save all the video footage. Once wireless cameras are installed on your network, they can be located and installed into your NVR configuration. They are now part of your security system and footage will be recorded to your NVR. If you dont want to slow down your home or business network with constant transmission of video to the recorder, you can install a dedicated wireless router which is connected to your NVR. You are only limited by the range of your WiFi and power outlets to where you can install cameras.



There are long range camera systems to install a camera as far away as you require...


You may want to install a camera at the front gate or down the end of a long driveway. It may be 100 meters from the premises where the rest of the camera system is located. There are several components available that can allow you to put a camera in these locations.

The only requirement is that you have power at the installation site. If this is at your gate then there is normally 240v mains power at the gate that can be used.

To allow the camera to communicate we install a long range 2.4ghz or 5ghz CPE wireless access point transmitter or OAP which is connected to your router. This is a Wifi extender that sends your wireless network in a certain direction for 1000's of meters.Two transmitter Units are installed. One at the building and one at the gate for example. They are lined up and the signal is tested for strength. Repeaters can be installed for longer distances. Once a reliable connection is made you now have a network ethernet port available at your front gate! Here we simply install a hardwired IP camera of your choice and plug it into the OAP unit. These systems can also be used to access the internet on other devices such as a computer if needed. (such as in a workshop or shed at the back of your property.)

See below a diagram of a typical Wireless IP camera setup incorporating long range OAP camera installation.

There are many different types of wireless camera installations and configurations. Contact Alarmtech Security to help design a solution for you.


  • Ubiquiti Nano Bridge M2 long range Antenna.

    When used in combination with the Rocket M2 CPE, This 2.4ghz 200mw 18dBi unit allows for exceptional long range WIfi and IP camera placement. Can be used through rough terrain and trees. Available in 5ghz.


  • Megapixel 720p wireless pan n' tilt network camera.

    Look around your property in High Definition using a remote controlled pan n' tilt network camera. Look left or right, up and down and also in the dark with IR Leds.
  • Ness Auto-Networking IP camera.

    640x480 Wireless IP camera. No static IP or DDNS required for faultless connection to your camera anywhere.
  • Ubiquiti Nano 'Loco' series 2.4GHz and 5ghz Wireless Outdoor CPE.

    High power wireless access point CPE, Best suited to shorter distances with reasonable line of sight.
  • TP-Link 2.4GHz 14dBi Outdoor Directional Antenna.

    Boost your existing wireless network signal. 14dBi directional operation provides extended point to point connection for indoor and outdoor area coverage.
  • TP-Link TL-SC3230N wireless 1.3MP IP Camera

    720p 1.3 megapixel clarity, in this great compact IP camera. Saves video and pictures directly onto a micro SD card, and allows remote access from anywhere. Great low price option.