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Alarmtech Security specializes in all types of alarm systems, for residential or business, we have a solution for you.

Your Security is one of the most important parts of everyday life. Knowing your possessions are protected by a quality security system gives you peace of mind to enjoy the lifestyle you choose.

With break-in's on the increase, an alarm system not only helps deter thieves, but will also mean minimal disruption If they do enter your property. With an armed security system in place, thieves may only perform a 'smash and grab' within minutes.

With no alarm system in place, they may spend hours in your property going through your entire contents, damaging furniture and sentimental items. You are far less likely to become a victim of crime if your property has a security system, as thieves will take the easier option and go else where.

We have a system to cover all options and budgets. Systems can be Monitored 24/7 by a monitoring centre, or you can monitor the alarm yourself via your mobile phone. Call today for a free quotation to custom design a system to suit you.


We offer a range of reliable wireless security alarm systems to solve any wiring issues. These can be installed basically anywhere.

Do you have a multi-level property or an apartment? Perhaps you are a tenant in a rental property and would like an alarm system you can take with you when you move, while making minimal damage to the property when you leave?

At Alarmtech Security we have several wireless systems to suit any application and a variety of budgets. All wireless alarm systems are just as reliable as a hard-wired system but have the convenience of placing sensors and keypads in locations otherwise not reachable.

Battery technology allows sensors to run for up to 5 years without needing a battery change. Call to discuss your requirements and we can design a system to suit.


We only install top quality products certified to australian standards for security systems. Below are some of the brands we choose to install and also are links to manufacturers websites if required. This allows us to provide the best manufacturers warranty to you the customer and fast response to any service requirements.


  • Hills Reliance home alarm systems

    The Hills reliance (GE) system is suited to most hard-wired applications. Packed full of features such as text and email notification. From $799. More>>
  • Bosch 880 Ultima home alarm system

    Bosch Ultima security system similar to the Hills reliance alarm however has the capacity for quality wireless additions for hard to reach locations. From $899. More>>
  • Bosch Solution 16 Plus alarm system

    Professional residential and busniess system, allows for multiple areas, 16 wired zones & quality wireless additions. From $1099. More>>
  • Paradox Magellan MG6250 complete wireless console alarm system

    Perfect complete wireless console system suited for apartments and small residential. From $799. More>>
  • Paradox Magellan MG5050 complete wireless alarm system

    The ultimate wireless solution. Allows for multiple areas and multiple wireless keypads and sensors! From $1099. More>>
  • Bosch Solution 64 alarm system

    Professional Large residential or business security system , allows for up to 64 zones, multiple areas, plus access control & more. From $1399. More>>