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Intercom systems are a great way to keep in touch both inside your property and out.

We specialize in both internal room to room intercom systems and external intercoms to talk to the front door or gate. You can also control your front gate from the intercom to let your guests into your property.

Video intercoms allow you to see who is at the door and you can decide if it is a wanted guest or a door to door trader or intruder wanting access to your property. This gives you peace of mind as you don't have to open your door to strangers and you don't have to go to the door when you can talk to them from the kitchen or lounge area where the video station is installed for your convenience.

If you have a long driveway, having an intercom allows you to talk to guests from the main building and allow access if needed. Intercoms can be combined with access control and gate functions.

Commercial apartment complexes are also our specialty for installation and service.

Here are some of our most popular products, many more are available. We can discuss what the best option is for you.



  • Kocom KCV-D372

    This Kocom intercom kit is perfect for residential requirements. Large widescreen 7" LCD screen. Compact, slim & stylish design. Handsfree VDP. Supports up to 2 stations, 2 door strikes, and 1 camera. Best Value for money and full of features. More>>
  • AIphone JM series intercom

    Professional series with 7" touch screen and allows for control of 2 seperate gate locks. The JM series also enables up to four video door stations with panoramic view and up to a total of eight internal room stations. AIphone quality packed full of features. More>>
  • AIPhone GT Series Professional

    The GT Series from AIPhone has a system for any situation. Optional video and digital LCD screen for enterng a Unit number, Code Access and gate control. Theres a setup for a single residential dwelling to a 50 unit apartment complex. More>>
  • Weatherproof Guard

    Most intercom gate stations are waterproof, however we can install an optional weather guard to protect against heavy rain and excessive UV from sunlight which can effect the camera performance over time.
  • AIphone JK series intercom

    For residential and commercial applications where a colour hands free intercom system is required. The JK series intercom enables a single video door station with panoramic view and up to a total of two internal room stations. More>>
  • Gate Control on your intercom

    Save yourself the hassle of letting guests into your property. Install an electronic lock which can be controlled from your inside intercom control panel. Locks are available to suit gates and doors of all types.