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  • High Resolution ANALOG


    Standard traditional analog CCTV systems are cost effective and now come in higher resolution than ever before.

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  • Full-HD 1080p


    HD-TVI, HD-SDI, HD-CVI - The latest technologies in High definition cameras allows 1080p resolution over traditional Co-ax cable.

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    IP cameras are the new standard. They can use your home or business network to connect. Available in super High Definition.

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    Wireless IP cameras - the Solution to put cameras literally anywhere! Also available with Infrared, and in High Definition.

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What camera system is right for you?

Camera systems add an additional deterent to your security system and are great at identifying criminal activity, but what system is best suited to your needs?

Camera technology has advanced in recent years and there are now more options than ever to setup your system. Traditionally camera systems were analog CCTV systems consisting of several cameras connected to a standalone recorder using coaxial cable. These systems are still vastly popular and can do a great job under most circumstances. With recent advancement in the resolution and picture quality, now up to 700TV Lines and the latest 960H specification. This is still the cheapest option and can be upgraded if needed to the new technologies of HD cctv.

HDcctv technologies use the same coaxial cables as analog systems but thats where the similarity ends. New cameras and recording unit (DVR) are required as the signal sent over the coaxial is digital, 1080p Full High definition. This is a great option for anyone with an existing system who needs more clarity in thier surveillance, as the existing cables are used saving costs in installation.

The most versatile camera system available is Network IP cameras. these can be connected into your network and runs on cat5/6 cable. As a result no new cables need to be run other than the network cable from the camera to your existing network. Many cameras can be connected to a single network switch which is then connected to your network via an existing or new single cable (or WiFi) to the router or modem. Using an existing cable or Wifi opens up many possibilties for installation as no new run of cables is required.


What if you cant easily run new cables or need a camera system to cover a long distance?.

Anywhere there is a network, you can have cameras, and this includes your WiFi network. Wireless IP cameras can be connected to your network with no cables other than a local power source to the camera itself. The range these can be installed is simply limited to the range of your WiFi network.

If you need to protect an area at a long distance then a long distance WiFi repeater or access point can be used. There are so many options that most requirements can be easily achieved using IP technology. IP cameras also come from 1MP (720p) up to 6MP Full HD resolution for the ultimate in clarity.

IP cameras can also record directly to the camera itself eliminating the need for a standalone recorder (DVR), although these do have their own added benefits.

For more information on these different systems have a look at the links above. Contact us for a free assessment and quote for your camera security requirements.

It can be very confusing or difficult to understand where to begin, but our technicians can help explain all the options to you!

Remote viewing of your camera system - available on all types of installation.

Keep an eye on your property 24/7 using your smart phone (iphone or android). We can configure your camera system to connect to your network so you can view your property while you are away on holiday or at work during the day.

If your security alarm is activated and you are notified either by the monitoring station or your mobile phone, you can then check your cameras in real time and see if there is a break-in or a false alarm. A great feature and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.