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Access Control

Access control allows you to control entry into your home or business via electronic locks and keypads or swipe cards/tokens. In a busniess application you can control which employees have access to certain doors and you can track who is coming and going from your premises. It also protects your property from people walking in off the street and gaining access to restricted areas and causing potential theft.


In a residential situation access control can be as simple as having a keypad at your front gate, allowing entry to guests via a keypad. You can also integrate this with your intercom system gate control, or to your driveway vehicle access gate control. There are so many possible features and uses for access control, we can design a system for you.


We specialize in Installation and setup of home and small business networks to allow your computers and devices to interconnect and connect to the internet. We can setup your WiFi network and extend the range of your network allowing connection at the other end of your property. We can also connect your smart TV or DVR to the network to allow access to applications and security footage from the


network. We install home network hub systems which centralize you modem and router and keep them out of the way and removing cluttered cables. Extra access points can be added to your study or office. Contact us for a solution to suit your home or small business networking requirements.




Phone cabling, ADSL Filters & Repairs

Need to add a new phone point to your home or connect your alarm to your phone line? We specialize in phone cabling of residential and small business properties. Alarm systems often require a central ADSL Filter to allow problem free communication to your phone or monitoring center.



We can rewire or configure your phone cabling to suit your setup.The less ADSL filters on a system, the faster the internet speed in your home or business. If you have an issue in your property with a bad line or connection or an issue that your telco cant seem to fix, then give us a call to discuss the problem and arrange a quote.


Surround sound, AV & more

Building a media room? or have a new Television you want wall mounted and configured? Have a new surround sound system and would like the speakers wired for you with no visible wires? We can set up your AV system to suit you and tidy up your living areas from untidy cabling. We also offer many other services involving



low voltage cabling etc such as 12 volt LED lighting, for example. Contact us with your inquiry and we may be able to do the work for you!